Kidney Disease: Can eating bananas trigger Kidney problems?

Can eating bananas trigger Kidney problems?I'm a 34 year old female who has a family history of Kidney Disease. The members of my family that had Kidney Disease also abused drugs and alcohol, so who's to say if the drugs and alcohol caused their Kidney Disease. I have never used or tried drugs or alcohol and yet I've suffered chronic kidney infections for years, especially after having children. Now yesterday I ate a banana and started to have back pain (kidney area), and my urine had a very foul salty kind of odor, my blood pressure seemed high and my heart was beating really fast. I do know that if you have Kidney Disease, your diet cannot contain potassium because the kidneys cannot filter properly therefore causing the same symptoms I just explained. I ate another banana today just to see if the same thing happened, and it did. Should I bring this to the attention of my physician? Should I worry? Has anyone else experienced any such thing, or similiar to what I have explained?
Do you think my kidneys are showing signs of failure? I didn't have these symptoms in the past, but because of my family history of Renal Failure I was wondering if this could be the beginning.

Posted by Aerostar
It sounds like you didn't know that bananas are loaded with potassium.
If your diet must exclude potassium, then AVOID bananas! If you like guacamole, bad news, avocadoes have more potassium than bananas do. I wonder if a diuretic will help. Some strip the body of potassium and lower the blood pressure. You should talk to your doc about this.

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You should definitely bring this to the attention of your doctor. Potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals are critical for the proper function of your kidneys and their ability to keep the water balance of your blood, as well as their ability to remove toxins. If you have kidney problems and you eat too much of any of these substances, you can can cause permanent damage to your body. A high level of potassium in the blood can lead to heart rhythm problems, and if left untreated can even lead to death. Please see your doctor ASAP and educate yourself on the proper diet for your body! Good luck!

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