how long can a cat live with kidney disease?

how long can a cat live with kidney disease?my cat was just diagnosed with kidney disease. ( i am a emotiona wreck) how long can t hey live with this? They said that some parts work,, some parts dont. please, any info!
he is at 75% kidney failure, no anemia, and took to iv therapy well. we will know more on sat, the only levels that are high, is his buh? and another one.

Posted by jessica33313
theres no way to determine...every cat is different im sorry to here about your cat...i will feel depressed if that was me!!!!!!!!! :(

Posted by redheaded_shortcake
I'm very sorry about your cat. I have had 2 cats pass away from chronic renal (kidney) failure, and I currently have another one who has it.

Basically, there's no real way to tell how long they have to live. A lot of it depends on their creatinine levels, BUN levels, etc. But kidney failure is NOT curable. Most vets recommend a low-protein/high-fat diet, which may include a prescription food like Science Diet k/d. Also, many vets recommend canned cat food because of the high moisture content. You basically want to keep the cat as hydrated as possible and keep water flowing through to keep the kidneys flushed.

If your cat is drinking lots of water and continues to eat normally, I wouldn't worry too much. You can tell when it's getting worse, because you can smell a foul odor on their breath. This is where the urea is backing up in their system because the kidneys aren't processing normally anymore.

Once your cat stops eating or drinking normally, and especially if he/she starts "hiding" (like in a closet, under the bed, etc.), then it may be time for you to consider humane euthanasia. The decision is a tough one, but it's the most selfless act that we can do for our beloved pets.

Best of luck to you and your cat!

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You need more information from your vet.

There is a difference between kidney insufficiency and kidney failure, and cats can live a long time if you are proactive.

This means you do NOT feed the crappy KD food they will try to give you. Instead, feed a high quality canned food that has good protein and lots of moisture. That will help reduce the load on his kidneys.

It may mean giving subcutaneous fluids at home occassionally, and it is easy to do.

It may mean giving a phosphorous binder to reduce the impact of dietary phosphorous on the kidneys

Here are some links for you:


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It all depends on how far along the disease is. Many cats can live longer with a little extra fluid therapy given at home to help increase the function of the kidneys. Your vet should be able to teach you how to do subcutaneous fluid(lactated ringers). With dietary changes such as perscription feeds, the disease may be able to be held in check. Kidney failure is probably one of the leading causes of feline demise, especially in geriatric cats, but depending upon what the owner is willing to do for treatments, sometimes it can be controlled and lengthen the cats time with you. Your vet can explain all the options, and , indeed should have informed you as to the severity of your cats particular case. I hope yours is a good scenario, be strong..

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To be sure check with your vet and have fun with em until then...good luck

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