Kidney Rescue

Kidney Rescue

  • Kidneys regulate the bodies levels of water, sodium and potassium
  • They are also responsible for releasing vital hormones.
  • Kidneys also produce the biologically active form of Vitamin D.

The Kidneys are known as the Master Organ in some cultures due to their important functions in the body. They clean the blood of waste products, release hormones and regulate electrolyte balance.
This herbal formulation supports these functions and helps the kidneys to function smoothly.
Ingredients: Cinnamon Bark, Cedar Leaves, Lycci Fructus, Wild Rose Root, Fenugreek Seed, Holy Basil Powder Borage Leaves, Damiana Leaf,
Red Raspberry Leaf, Cloves Powder, Pygeum Bark, Cayenne

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Kidney Rescue

List Price: $ 36.99

Price: $ 36.99

Reflexology Rescues for Anemia

Reflexology can help you help yourself—or another—address the symptoms of anemia. In a study of patients receiving kidney dialysis, study participants provided with hand reflexology five days a week for two weeks saw an improvement in kidney's function with an increase in red blood cells to combat anemia concerns.

Reflexology Rescues provides easy-to-learn and easy-to-do information, including fully described and illustrated techniques.

Reflexology is the application of pressure techniques to specific reflex areas of the feet and hands for the purpose of impacting the body and its health. Reflexology has been practiced in cultures all around the world since the time of the Egyptian pharaohs. Now 170 studies have

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Reflexology Rescues for Anemia

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Price: $ 0.99

Naturally Healthy Cats.
Give A Man A Fish And He Dines For A Day. Teach A Man To Fish And He Dines All His Life. Take A Sick Cat To The Veterinarian Only Helps The Current Sickness. Teach A Person What Is Making Their Cat Sick And The Cat Is Healthy For Life. What A Saving!
Naturally Healthy Cats.

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How To Kidney Detox

How To Kidney Detox

www.kidneydetoxx.com Kidney Detox is one of the best ways for healthier kidney and to prevent kidney related kidney diseases. Kidney is one of the important organs of our body. This serves as a filter from toxins that are coming inside our body such as alcohol, coffee, pain killers, sodas, tobacco and etc.. If this damages, it may leave kidneys unable to remove wastes. Usually the damage will accumulate slowly over years. There are no obvious signs or symptoms, so you don't know it is happening. So, therefore taking care of our kidney by kidney detox once or twice a month..
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Kidney Detox

affordable-health-cures.com A kidney detox is another natural doctor that can bring healing. Do this vital healing therapy soon.
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kidney detox

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Learn How to Choose the Best Detox Retreat

Article by Cristina Zepol

Most people think about colon detoxing when you discuss detox or body detoxification. Although cleansing the colon is an essential component of a detox program, detoxing your body of unhealthy toxins isn't just about colon cleansing. Many detox programs offer colon cleansing services but many of them just stop there. The best detox retreat will deal with far more than colon cleansing alone. Read on to know about other essential health aspects which should also be covered and treated in a detox program.

Blood Cleansing. The health of the blood affects the health of our body's intricate functions because the blood in our veins transfers hormones, oxygen and other essential nutrients to every part of the body. But similar to the digestive system, unhealthy toxins could also build up in the blood. This detrimental toxin buildup usually leads to degenerative disorders such as cancer and cardiovascular disease therefore the need to purify the blood so it will function better. Allergies, fatigue, difficulty in breathing and other health conditions are a few of the signs that your body requires a blood detox.

Liver Cleansing. A liver in top condition is usually considered as a sign of good health. It aids the body to work correctly because the liver is the body's natural filtration system which changes toxins into substances that can be eliminated from the body. It also takes on a critical role in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism and in vitamin storage. It's also a huge blood tank as it screens over 1.4 liters of blood each minute. When the liver slowly breaks down, one can experience symptoms such as severe headaches, allergies, fatigue, respiratory problems, poor digestive functions and other health problems.

Lymph Detoxing. The lymphatic system consists of lymph vessels and nodes, tonsils, spleen and the thymus gland removes waste products from tissues, generates white blood cells and antibodies, and transfers waste from the cells to the organs which remove them accordingly. Because the lymphatic system carry away toxins from all cells, its proper function is also vital to the health of the entire body. When you're frequently tired, stressed and have poor immune response, a revitalizing lymph cleansing can make a positive change.

Kidney Cleansing. Our kidneys work similar to a water filter, removing waste which we don't need and filtering the blood in the body. It behaves as a filtration system by eliminating wastes and toxins from the blood via the urine. When it doesn't function properly, a lot more toxins build up within the blood and are dispersed all through the body aggravating other health conditions. This can result to a decline in your overall health and the condition of your body. A kidney detox is essential to lessen toxin buildup and to boost the function of the urinary system.

Eliminating Internal Parasites. It may come as a surprise to you but we can definitely acquire internal parasites inside our bodies. Parasitic organisms like tapeworms and ringworms can be found in the colon, stomach, intestine, kidneys, liver and even in the brain. They can be acquired from drinking polluted water, eating unwashed produce and poorly cooked foods and also through exposure to infected individuals. These organisms reproduce within a rapid rate and eat up nutrients which are vital to the body. Even worse if not addressed soon, some parasites can move up to the brain and kill a person. Bad skin, poor digestion, chronic fatigue and poor waste elimination are warning signs of parasite hosting.

Keep in mind that a detox retreat isn't exclusively for losing weight. Detoxification deals with far more serious health issues. Seek out the best detox retreat that can help you treat these other facets of health. The best detox retreat should work on most, if not all, of these health aspects to help deliver the best detox results you need for better health and wellness.

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48x72 Kidney Adjustable Activity Table (19"-30" Legs) Reviews

48x72 Kidney Adjustable Activity Table (19"-30" Legs)

  • Laminate table tops are 1.125" thick, and are laminated on both sides
  • Colors:RD= Gray Nebula/Red, BL = Gray Nebula/Blu, YE = Gray Nebula/Yellow, GN = Gray Nebula/Green, WG = Wood Grain/Black
  • Color banding is made from PET and contains no phthalates
  • Quality Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Product Dimensions: 48.0"L x 72.0"W

ECR adjustable leg activity tables feature 1.125" thick tabletops with laminate on both the top and bottom. Color-coordinated powder-coated upper legs, edgebanding, and matching polypropylene ball glides in the most popular classroom colors (Gray Nebula with Blue, Red, Yellow or Green and Wood-Grain with Black). Will not fade or discolor. Safe, non-toxic, stain-resistant and easy to clean. Leg Details: Powder-paint coated upper leg Chrome-plated adjustable lower leg insert Legs are adjustable in 1" increments. Threaded adjustment holes in chrome lower leg keeps legs securely in place. Color coordinated polypropylene ball glides are standard (Traditional nickel-plated self-leveling glides are available for an additional charge). Easy mount l

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48x72 Kidney Adjustable Activity Table (19"-30" Legs)

List Price: $ 421.59

Price: $ 309.99

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