How long can dogs live with renal failure?

How long can dogs live with renal failure?My 15 yr old mini-schnauzer is deaf and blind and is developing renal failure. She urinates all the time. As soon as you let her outside she pees and immediately when she comes in she drinks more water and pees in the floor. No particular place, just as she is walking she squats and pees. I love her dearly but she is ruining my hardwood floors.

Posted by Ardy
The best thing to do is ask your Vet.

Posted by Echo Two
What did your vet say about her long-term prognosis? It really depends on the dog. They make diapers for incontinent dogs, maybe that would work for your situation.

Posted by Bare Nekkid TRUTH!
that really comes down to the individual dog.. how advanced the problem is, the dog's overall health, etc

This is something to discuss with your vet.

If she is not suffering, you may want to consider some type of doggy diaper.

Posted by pammykool
not very long. She is already 15 yr old deaf AND blind. She is sufferring quite a lot. Consider euthanasia

Posted by Gabrielle Cilluffo
I would say not too long 15 is a good life for a dog. You can however get diapers for your dog. You will have to change it like a baby (all the time) but it will save the home. In humans renal failure means death. there is not much that can be done except a transplant.

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