Bacteria in Urine?

Bacteria in Urine?So I saw that this question has been asked but I have a little different situation:

I have been diagnosed with polyarthritis with an underlying autoimmune disease. For the past year, we've been trying to diagnose my stupid disease... basically I go paralyzed in my legs and arms & I get weak -- always tired & ect. ect. out of all my blood/urine work I've always had high Platelet levels and High White Blood cell levels -- other than that, my blood work has been fairly normal so no doctor has mentioned anything about those. I get bladder/kidney infections every like.. 2 - 3 weeks though so it didn't really come as a shock to me when they said after a urine test that I have bacteria in my urine. They want me to redo the test & also to do a culture or something. On the form they put " Diagnosis: Leukocytosis"

What does all of that mean? I've tried looking it up but I can't find all that much information. Please help :) ?

Posted by The mom
Bacteria in the urine suggest you have another bladder/kidney infection. If the urine sample was not a clean catch midstream though, it could have been contaminated by bacteria on the skin or your hands. That's why they want you to come redo the test. If it stills shows bacteria, the lab can culture the urine to determine which bacteria is the likely culprit, and what antibiotic would be most effective at wiping it out. Leukocytosis is simply the medical term for what you already know you have- too many white blood cells- a white cell count that is higher than normal. The lab will also need to know that information because they will detect WBC's in the urine well above what they would otherwise expect to see. Just go repeat the urine test, you probably have a urinary tract infection again.

Posted by Sheryl W
Poly arthritis- arthritis in 2 or more joints
autoimmune- disease in which the body produces antibodies against itself
leukosytosis- increased WBC- white blood cells- when they culture the urine they put a sample a culture medium (bacteria food) and let it grow (keep it nice & warm) then they exam it to find out what type of bacteria is causing the infection. This way they can get you on an antibiotic that is more sensitive to that type of bacteria.
The diagnosis on the form means you have an increase in WBCs and they want to culture your urine to find out exactly what is causing the increase in WBCs.
Make sure when you redo the test you clean yourself very well (they should give you some moist towelets to use). Next urinate (pee) a small amount then stop urinating (peeing) and finally position the cup and urinate into the cup. This type of collection is called a "clean catch". This prevents bacteria that is normally on your skin from contaminating the urine sample.

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