Kidney ultrasound results?

Kidney ultrasound results?Could you please explain to me the following result:

"I'll defined hyperechogenicities seen in mid cortex of the right kidney. The left kidney shows homogenous parenchymal echopattern. The corticome dullary junction is fairly defined. The cortical border is smooth. The pelvocalyces are not dilated. There are hyperechoic foci seen in the mid calyx of the right kidney and inferior calyx of the left kidney measuring 0.36 cm and 0.57 cm in size. No evidence of solid mass or hydronephrosis."

I have also done x-ray KUB, but it found nothing. Is the location of my stones should have been visible on x-ray assuming the stones are not radiolucent?

Where and what is mid cortex?

What is mid calyx and inferior calyx? Are the stones of my size there have at least 50% chance if getting out by themselves?

Any idea upon what exactly my disease is?
I mean, I have been detected with two stones. What I want to know in what parts of the kidney they are. Because there is a correlation not only between the size of the stones and the chance of it's spontaneous exit, but also by their location.

Are my stones located in upper, middle or lower part of the kidney?

Posted by gangadharan_nair
Renal cortex- the smooth textured outer layer of the kidney, extending in columns between the pyramids constituting the renal medulla.
Calyx / calix -a cup-like structure, such as one of the recesses of the kidney pelvis receiving the summits of the renal pyramids.
Mid means middle. Inferior means lower.(Please the image of the kidney).
Consult the doctor.

Posted by J B
It says you have two stones in your left kidney. These are relatively small and you should be able to pass them. You have kidney stones (your proper diagnosis is renal lithiasis). Occasionally, the stones do not pass and lithotripsy would be an option as would several other procedures to get them out. Most of the time with small stones, they take the watch and wait. Dramatically increased fluid intake will help.

Posted by Piluli
Hyperechogenicities means small bright areas usually referring to calcifications. They are referring to bright small areas in the mid portion of your right kidney. Cortex means tissue.
Hyperechoic foci refers to bigger bright areas aka stones. The calyx is where urine collects before going into your ureters. So there is a stone in the lower calyx of the left kidney and a stone in the mid calyx of your right kidney along with the hyperechogenicities in the mid portion of your right kidney. Homogeneous means smooth so it means that your kidneys have a smooth texture which is normal. The pelvocalyces are referring to the kidney's urine collecting system right before it joins the ureters and they are not dilated which means they are not overfilled with fluid. They found no evidence of a mass or hydronephrosis which is a backup of urine into the kidneys' collecting system. Mid calyx are the collection areas found along the mid portion of your kidneys and the lower calyxes are found along the lower edges of the kidneys. Basically you have kidney stones. Sometimes they pass on their own, if they persistently bother you, they might give you medication to break them up or they will perform a lithotripsy which is a procedure using sound waves to break them up. Passing kidney stones can be quite painful. I hope all goes well.

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