Help on getting a dog with kidney disease to eat?

Help on getting a dog with kidney disease to eat?I have a 8 1/2 yr old scottie. She has been diagnosed with stage 2 kidney disease recently. She has high protein and phosphorous levels. She was put on the Hills K/D and Purina NF diets, but won't eat it now. Her vet insists that is what she should eat, but it's getting to be a bad deal with alot of wasted expensive food and a hungry dog. I've tried mixing in rice, but to no avail. She also has bladder stones and is a little dehydrated. She's on Epakitin, a phosphorous binder and high blood pressure medicine. I also give her a vitamin supplement daily. She really is in pretty good shape and loves to go on her mile a day walks, so I'm not willing to give up on her yet. Any help would be so appreciated.

Posted by Alejandra E
The truth is when a dog has a kidney stone, the vet is supposed to advice you to give her lot's of fluids to eat so the kidney stone might flush out on her own. Then if this doesn't work, will have to go into surgery.

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Have you tried mixing canned pumpkin in with her food? You may want to run that past your vet, but it is really high in fiber and generally good for a dog's diet, plus it makes their food taste a lot better. My friend worked at The Humane Society, and they mixed that in with the food for the dogs that didn't eat well.

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if she doesn't eat, at least give her many liquids so the stones will eventually or might come out of her which will releave some pain.

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Thank you for your very loving question for your dog! I worked at a vet clinic for five years, and we often saw dogs with kidney failure live quite happy lives for years. I think you're right on with your attitude. :)

As you mentioned, she's dehydrated. Dehydration can decrease appetite. Here are some tricks to try and get her to eat without overloading her kidneys with protein-rich flavor enhancers which would just make the problem worse:

Add enough warm, unsalted chicken or other meat-based stock to her food to make a rich, warm, fragrant, water-rich "stew."

Feed her directly after coming home from her walks, when she would normally head for the water bowl. Replace the water bowl with her delicious, moist food, prepared as described above.

Be sure to not leave the food out, but to feed her just once or twice a day. Take up any unused portion after 20 minutes, put it in an airtight container and store it in the fridge until next mealtime. Warm up slightly in the microwave before trying again. That's much more exciting and enticing for doggie, and will save you from wasting that expensive food! ;)

I am not kidding on this one...as you prepare and stir up her concoction, make loud, obnoxious smacking sounds yourself, as though you're drooling over her dinner and might just eat it yourself is she doesn't want it.

Best of luck to you, try not to panic, and remember that making her food delicious and hydrating will go a long way!

Doggedly yours,
Celeste Crimi
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Best Friends Animal Society

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It sounds mean, but that's the food she needs. I've worked at an animal hospital for 3 years and that's recommended. When she's hungry enough she'll eat. Make sure you work her appetite up with lots of exercise and she should start eating and drinking well. I can't say enough how much exercise is key. With her health you don't want to over work her, just a little more than usual. If that doesn't work return her to the vet and see if there are any other options to help her. A loving breeder.

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